Tuesday, August 12, 2008

1st Plantation Workers

When Captain Cook came to Hawaii,he estimated the Native Hawaiian population to be about 300,000. By the mid 1800's the Hawaiian population was down to about 50,000. That's a tremendous death rate and it was due to imported diseases. It's no wonder that the sugar plantations of those times were desperate for workers. There just weren't enough Hawaiians to supply the needs of the planters.

The Hamakua Sugar Company found that native Hawaiians were excellent employees.A native Hawaiian held the job of harvesting supervisor on its plantation,and that's one of the more demanding jobs there is.The plantation had a number of other native hawaiian employees-some were supervisors-and they all did a good job.Many Chinese workers were imported before annexation. The Chinese were also believed to be excelent workers.Those that stayed in Hawaii prospered to the extent that around 1945, people of Chinese descent were the most affluent segment of the population.

The two first groups of people to work on the Plantations in Hawaii were the Native Hawaiians and then the Chinese. Thanks to the chinese the plantation were able to develope more effective ways of growing the Sugar cane. Thus making the Sugar plantations of Hawaii the best or well developed in the world.


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